We have gained a mos

Automatic Electric Napkin Destroyer Manufacturer in Tirupur

INR 19999

We have gained a most appreciated acclaim in the industry for Manufacturing, Trading and Wholesaling of PCB Norms Followed Automatic Electric Napkin Destroyer with good Quality but Cheap Cost to our honored customers. Our fabricated Virgo Electric Napkin Destroyer is fully compact and completely follows under the guidance of POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD manufacturing norms. Advantages (When Virgo Disposal): Stress-free for working women Reduces plastic bag usage Avoid blockages in toilet plumbing Avoid waterway pollution Avoid drainage line chock-ups. Saving water and healthy environment Eco-Friendly Reduce absence of school and college students. Disadvantages (When Normal Disposal): Drainage line chock-ups Health related problems Periodically cleaning of drainage Ad smell Blockage in sewage line Wastage of clean water in the toilets What We Use: Disposal of sanitary towel Feminine sanitary products Female hygiene pads and sanitary pads Maternity sanitary pads and menstruation period pads Features: Wall mountable. Powder coated Mild steel / Stainless steel body LCD display with temperature and time indication Double wall ceramic board technology ‘PUF’ insulation Easy removing Ash collecting tray ensures cleanliness. Big door open makes it convenient to load used napkins. The Heater of high power makes the temperature rise quickly and improves the efficiency. Double stage computer programmed control panel gives Long life for the heater and reduce the electricity bill. Available with the size of 50, 100, 200 and 500 napkins per day. Standard Specification: Model: MSMAX350 (Sensor) No of person can use (Day Use) Regular 350 Large 300 No of napkin storage 15 Napkin Burning / Day 180 Heating Electric Body Type Material MS CRCA IS513D Grade Heater power 1200 W Dimension are in MM 255 x 305 x 485 Price in INR 19999

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